Poems by Rohith


Clanking anklets,

she trespassed

as an unwelcomed song

into my life.

See those silent ripples in the ocean of love

showing the way, she had rowed.

Follow those foot-steps in the wet street of November,

that may lead to the land, from where the spring blows.

Ask that beggar sitting on the temple steps

if her song spoiled my solitude or not.

See, how the sky blushed,

how the evening opened its speech

of winds and cuckoos,

see, how musical is that silent path

that had never dared to utter a small note ever before,

and the convict of all these strange things is a stranger

who entered my world without my permission

as the first breath of life.

Love-letter to the unknown

Plucking seconds as the petals of rose

as many melodies blasted next to my ear

I stirred the tea, that deep winter night.

Garden removed the shirt of spring and

was wearing autumn in triall-room of darkness,

as I started writing the loveletter

staring at the emptiness in darkness of opened door.

The hand of clock that forgot its path

walked away into labyrinth of solitude.

Peeling silence

breaking the shell of satori  in mind

I stood on the shore of ocean

stretching my hands, to hug the emptiness

I waited for the loneliness to talk with me

stirring tea, that deep winter night.

A midnight note of a lover

“A letter unwritten remained as blank paper

a song, unsung remained as silence

a door that was never knocked…remained closed.”

…he wrote

Words rowed away on the deserted streets

over-used question marks and exclamatory marks

retired into the darkness of night.

My heart fluttered as a blank paper

with a desperation to frame a lyric

for the music that was struck in the space

between pens tip and paper.

Life stopped before the door of my room

singing memories for a coin.

Love parked in the restricted area of heart

as a doubt turned back at the end of road

with burning eyes.

the words  rowed away on deserted streets.

Rohith, a 17 year old poet from India, wrote about 800 poems in 3 years of his tender poetic journey growing as a poet. He wrote in different online workshops and poetry websites and is currently writing in facebook, getting good criticism from poets and critics around the world. His poetry was published by various print and online magazines like Side Stream, New Mirage Journal, Brown Critique, Puritian etc

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