Poems by Deadbeat Poet

Fire and Halos

Please don’t ask me to kill you right now,
let’s go on a trip instead.
We all hit the wall and it’s how far you fall,
not what’s on in your head.

The fire within,
is moving without,
Break free of your chains,
fear and self doubt.

I will drink you like water,
till there’s left only sin.
Take off your broken halo,
let us together begin.

Mind Dancing

I don’t know if it’s real,
or that I’m inane.
It is too good of a deal,
made by my brain.

Rub it in,
with a little spite.
Use all of my will,
a shot of your spite.

I feel you rubbing,
against my grind.
When I am dancing,
out of my mind.

Fun Revenge

I live in agony,
my soul is damaged.
There is little left,
that hasn’t been ravaged.

Stripped of my wealth,
dignity as well.
All by a friend,
too painful to tell.

I wish it were over,
but it’s really just begun.
Now for the hard part,
this revenge will be fun.

Naturally Evil Friend

You are naturally evil,
no special effort required.
If I lie even a little I die,
and may my jaw be wired.

The things you do and say,
are done with selfish intention.
The victories you now claim as your own,
were all of my invention.

Your every little step forward,
is standing on the foot of a friend.
Little do your new friends know,
befriending you is the beginning of their end.

Deadbeat Poet living San Francisco, writing poetry.


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