Poems by Gil VanWagner


The return of the light. Solstice..when the darkest time comes and we mark the return to light. It comes in the coldest time and celebrates the warmth. Celebrated with the fire of the Yule log as well as the green of the Holly leave, this is the time to know the coldest time has gone and we come back to the light.

Yule has be claimed by many. Many of its traditions rolled into other traditions and then those into other traditions. It is all that it was and more thanks to this synergy that spread it wider and further in what is felt and loved about Yule. Embrace what you have learned to the best of all things this time of year and spice it with the seasoning of your gifts that are to be shared with the world.

Yule 1


Yule 2

Let this Yule link with what others call it. Let it link to Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Ramadan, Festivfus, Equinox, and dozens of other names that are commonly themed to the truest Yule. The Yule that asks the truest question of the truth of all of these days. “What did you give for Christmas?” It is time to take back this holiday from the money changers just as the one for which it is named took back the temple in a very human rampage against the wrong message in anyone’s name.

Christmas. Joy. Giving. Love. Peace. Who picked that this is but one day? A season to brighten but one month and then be packed away for 11 months? Who?

Learn that giving is all the time. Learn that the more you sacrifice to and for others, the more you have. Lead by example in this each and every day. Move to those that link what you do this day to what will be remembered of you long after you are of another existence. Let this Yule be the one that opened you to ultimate gift you can give to others. Give yourself and all you are so that others will taste the intensity of your love for all humanity.

Yule 3

Look at the day that was designated as the right one and see what remains even just moments after. The joy in the preparation was but for a moment in the joy in the opening and then there was relief. Yes, there are exceptions when gifts meet needs and show the consideration of the giver to the receiver. Yet, far too much was expended for moments of smiles sandwiched between the stress of the preparation and the impact of the aftermath. Yet this is done each time and then vowed to be corrected with a resolve that fades quicker than the pine needles on a dying tree.

The joy of Yule should be deep and long as the love from a parent to a child. Yule is the key to linking what is needed here to what is possible there. Giving of self in unconditional love is the magick that moves you from mere giver to one that makes a difference. This cannot be bought with coin of this realm for it must be purchased within yourself with the gift you were given as you use that gift to help others. This is not of one day but of everyday. Yule should drive you through the cycle of all time. Let this be the day that happens so that tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow is as joyous as any Yule and as every Yule should be.

Yule 4

Pack not this Yule away in a box. Take it inside your heart and carry it forth so that Yule shapes each of the seasons that follow. Yule is the key to open the door to your own happiness as you connect to those that move far beyond the gift of now. Link to those that know of you and your gifts. Each act then multiplies and more will hope to feel the energy of Yule that you live each day.

Celebrate each season but shape each celebration with the Yule truth that giving of self is the greatest gift….to others and to the givers as well. Give and see the ten-fold return. Then give again. Then again. Yule fuel ignites flames of passion and belief. In self and in hope of what you can do. Yule is the gateway to destiny.

Gil VanWagner is a writer, has books “Jersey Sure” “Dead Drunk”. “Sabbats”. Tons of Poems. Several books in work.

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