I can not be a poet, the poems are in me: An online interview with Lisa M Brown

Dupur Mitra: First question, why do you write poetry?

Lisa M Brown: Why do i write poetry, really don’t know, never wrote a poem until the sixth grade, it was a class assignment, everyone had to write a poem, it was something stupid about flowers, well after that just kept writing poems. They just come to me, dont plan them or anything, so why do i write poetry, i write poetry to get the words out of my head.

Dupur Mitra: Do you think poetry plays a role in society?

Lisa M Brown: yes, it plays a very minor role, i think it should play a major role. Most people dont have much to say about poetry,and dont bother to read any,it would help so much with expressing our thoughts, helping us to understand the way others think. People have to change the way they think about poetry, to give it’s place in society.

Dupur Mitra: what are your major influences in poetry?

Lisa M Brown: They are all major influences, reading the right poem can change your attitude for the day, give you ideals you never thought about, you change when you read poetry. Well some of the major influences for me have been. Gwendolyn brooks, Langston hughes, Maya angelou, Nikki guovanni, Ntozake shange, Rita dove- i could go on and on, but i will stop with these.

Dupur Mitra: What does being a poet mean to you?

Lisa M Brown: To me, being a poet, means being a person who has a creative way, of saying whats on their mind of getting out what they feel, bring order to the disorder of words,writting poetry is a part of me, i do it as i breath without thinking, poems come to me, i dont go looking for them, i can not be a poet, the poems are in me, and iam in the poems if i never get famous, never make a dime, or publish a pulitzer prise winning book, i will still be a poet.

Being a poet is not about what you do, it’s all about who you are, and how you can craft words into your voice,and it’s about what people hear in your voice, and what they take from it

Dupur Mitra: What is poetry?

Lisa M Brown: Poetry is our take on the world around us, hoe we see, and feel things,it’s listening to whats going on, and putting our spend on it, it;s our exposed inner thoughts

Dupur Mitra: What are your observations about the trending of world poetry?

Lisa M Brown: That poetry is poetry, no matter where it is coming from, from time to time it gets a little more attention, poetry will have it’s own way, no matter who’s looking.

Dupur Mitra: Can the poetry movement can improve the poetry?

Lisa M Brown: No whats to be improved, poetry is poetry in all it’s forms, you cann’t improve the poems, all you can do is work on the way people think about poems

Dupur Mitra: What is your opinion about todays world poetry movement?

Lisa M Brown: World poetry has been slowly coming out of the closet, around the world you can attend poetry readings in places you couldnt in past years, poetry is everywhere, people are getting thier poems out there anyway they can, with all movements it takes time, from what i have been seeing, the time is now.

3 Responses to “I can not be a poet, the poems are in me: An online interview with Lisa M Brown”
  1. Joseph Said says:

    Nice one buddy. Now I also wanna be interviewed…..lol

  2. Divine Idiong says:

    Lisa Brown’s ideas of poetry is genuine and superb. She is in deed a great poet.

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