Art has no borders: An Online interview with Pd Lietz

Pd LieTz:

Member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild

Many poetry and prose are published in various journals and anthologies.

Have many book illustrations and photographs also.


Dupur Mitra: Do you think poetry play role in your society? If yes how and if not why?

Pd Lietz: Yes I do. Canada is a welcoming and curious country that appreciates the arts, no matter in what form or from what country. The beauty of poetry is it transcends borders.

Dupur Mitra: Who are your major influences as a poet?

Pd Lietz: Song writers, Leonard Cohen, Pauline Johnson any poet, new or old, popular or not. We all have something to say, not one being more important than the other.

Dupur Mitra: What does being a poet mean to you?

Pd Lietz: It is another form of expression: you breath – you write – you create.

Dupur Mitra: What is poetry?

Pd Lietz: For me Poetry is a deep emotion that can only be made sense of by expressing it in the written work.

Dupur Mitra:  What are your observations about trending of world poetry?

Pd Lietz: I hope it continues, I think it shall. This is one area that the internet is doing the world a favour. The arts of the world are at ones fingertips.

Dupur Mitra: What else do you like doing when you’re not writing poems?

Pd Lietz: I am also a published artist and photographer.

Dupur Mitra:  When did you start writing poems?

Pd Lietz: The first poem I wrote was about Geese being shot and I was around 8 or ten.

Dupur Mitra: Where do your ideas come from?

Pd Lietz: I have a wonderful curious imagination.

Dupur Mitra: What makes your poems different from other people’s?

Pd Lietz: Are they?

Dupur Mitra: Why is poetry important?

Pd Lietz: Poetry is gentle.

Dupur Mitra: Is there a relationship between your speaking voice and your writing voice?

Pd Lietz: Yes I would say there is – I am sensitive and very aware of beauty and the depth and highs of life and love and the relationship would be, I am kind.

Dupur Mitra: How does a poem usually start for you?

Pd Lietz: An image in my mind, a sentence I hear, a word, a strangled emotion needing to be released, or simply one of my photos – it is all around like I said art has no borders.

Dupur Mitra: Can you describe your writing process?

Pd Lietz: Usually my writing method is that of a pouring of words after it has been simmering for hours or days within my mind and then – the release – the letting go is very physical after a poem is done.

Dupur Mitra: Did you get any helpful advice when you were first starting to write poetry?

Pd Lietz: I have had not training in any of my art/other than that of observing.

Dupur Mitra: What are the pleasures and difficulties of writing about your own family?

Pd Lietz: If I write of my family I write of the joy they have been to me, there truly are no difficulties. I am fortunate I have such love and support in my life.

2 Responses to “Art has no borders: An Online interview with Pd Lietz”
  1. Mark Liston says:

    Pd Lietz is a poetry/photographic inspiration and a friend on facebook I admire immensely. Her work is a mixture of insight, humility and joy. Good interview on a wonderful artist

  2. William Hawkes says:

    Yes, Mark Liston says it well. I’d add there’s a stern undercurrent to Pd’s Lietz’s kindness that commands respect. She doesn’t suffer fools kindly. That’s a good reminder to be honest and mature. I just saw a saying, “We work on ourselves to help others. We also help others to work on ourselves,” and Pd Lietz’s artwork naturally reflects this, I think.

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