I write truly freehand and let the emotions dictate how I write: An online interview with Roderick Dwayne Gering

Roderick Dwayne Gering: Born June 2, 1959 and now residing in Bellingham, Washington. Gothic Poet, interested in the paranormal and unexplained mysteries of our Mother Earth.

Published books: Xxx’tassii, Awakenings in My Soul Did Stir, Wandering through this World of Woe, A Personal Quest Seeking Paradise Forgotten, Chains of Chaldea Special Edition, Visioneer’s Mysterium, Poetic Visioneering Mindscapes, Beyond the Deep Purple Haze (A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy), Chains of Chaldea Poetic Calendar Art

Dupur Mitra: When did you start writing poems?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: I started writing lyrics to songs when I was 15 yrs old.

Dupur Mitra: Where do your ideas come from?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: From my Mind’s Eye when my emotions grip me hard in the pit of my stomach.

Dupur Mitra: What makes your poems different from other people’s?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: That is hard to answer. I would hope to have an artist’s fingerprint that individualizes my creations. I would feel so alone if I did not have my Brother and Sister Poets to share with here in this world. I am grateful to all my Poet Family. Poets must unite to bring some peaceful reflection in a world that is still filled with woe.

Dupur Mitra: Is illustration important in your poems?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: I must emphatically answer YES!!!!

Dupur Mitra: Why is poetry important?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: It used to be how civilizations passed on their traditions and gave histories of what happened along the way. So you might call poets, bards or what have you as Keepers of the History.

Dupur Mitra: How does a poem begin for you – with an image an idea or a phrase?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: More of an image as I said before it is so powerful that it grips me hard at my emotional core.

Dupur Mitra: How do you edit your poems?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: Some people have been critical of my punctuation so I guess I have mistakes grammatically. But I write truly freehand and let the emotions dictate how I write.

Dupur Mitra: When and where do you write?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: 1974 in Longview, Washington playing with my brother in our little make-believe band.

Dupur Mitra: Can you talk about the importance of sound in poetry?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: Much of my poetry is broken sentences whether they rhyme or not. Again it is the idea and emotion that dictates how I right not some rule that was written to control us poor peons.

Dupur Mitra: What advice was most helpful to you when you first started writing poetry?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: It was a process. When I was younger I liked to think I could play bass guitar and loved to write lyrics to songs. Later when I discovered that it was the writing that turned me on it just became poetry.

Dupur Mitra: Is there a relationship between your speaking voice and your writing voice?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: I have been told that I would have a great radio voice. The fact of the matter is if I were to recite my poetry to an audience I would become nervous and stutter. I have suffered from this my whole life. My writing voice is more in tune with my Mind’s Eye.

Dupur Mitra: How does a poem usually start for you?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: 95% of my poetry is spur of the moment. 5% are ideas that I explore. The key is that in a sudden flash inspiration grips my soul and I must immediately begin to write and see where this miracle takes me.

Dupur Mitra: Can you describe your writing process?
Roderick Dwayne Gering: I could be watching a movie, listening to a song, waking from a vivid dream or just walking down mainstreet and observing how the human condition unfolds……..then an IDEA slaps me right in the face.

One Response to “I write truly freehand and let the emotions dictate how I write: An online interview with Roderick Dwayne Gering”
  1. Dewey Dirks says:

    Always interesting to hear the views of another writer and poet. Nicely done 🙂

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