I’m not aware of consciously closing the door on any particular types of fiction: An online interview with Casey Clabough

Casey Clabough (pronounced “Clay-bo”), is an American writer, farmer, and professor. Clabough was born in 1974 in Richmond, Virginia, and raised primarily on a farm in Appomattox County, Virginia. However, he attributes his culture to the Appalachian roots of his family, who lived in the Smoky Mountains for over two hundred years and were one of the founding families of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Clabough currently administers a farm in Appomattox, Virginia, teaches at Lynchburg College, and performs editorial work as both general editor of the James Dickey Review and as literature section editor of the Encyclopedia Virginia.

Clabough’s many awards include fellowships from the Institute for Southern Studies, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and the Harrison Institute at the University of Virginia. He is also a recipient of an Artists’ Grant from the Brazilian government and the 2011 winner of the Emma Bell Miles Prize in the Essay. Clabough’s work is widely published in anthologies and periodicals, including the Sewanee Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, and Creative Nonfiction.

Published books are The Warrior’s Path: Reflections along an Ancient Route, Novels of James Dickey, Confederado, Experimentation and Versatility: The Early Novels and Short Fiction of Fred Chappell, Gayl Jones: The Language of Voice and Freedom in Her Writings, The Art of the Magic Striptease: The Literary Layers of George Garrett, Inhabiting Contemporary Southern and Appalachian Literature: Region and Place in the Twenty-First Century, Zero Hour by Georg Grabenhorst, Robert Cowley (Introduction), Casey Howard Clabough (Goodreads Author) (Afterward), The Art of the Magic Striptease: The Literary Layers of George Garrett. (source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casey_Clabough)

Dupur Mitra: What are you working on now?

Casey Clabough: True to stories about my Smoky Mountain ancestors and a culture that no longer exists.

Dupur Mitra: What inspired you to become a writer?

Casey Clabough: I don’t know. I happen to do many things. It’s just one of the things I am.

Dupur Mitra: Could you explain your own particular writing process, including schedule, rituals and methods?

Casey Clabough: I’m a very busy person and so I write when I can. I often work out ideas while sitting in meetings or doctors’ offices so that time doesn’t go to waste.

Dupur Mitra: What inspires and influences your writing the most?

Casey Clabough: Probably the simple notion of creation.

Dupur Mitra: Do you write your stories according to a pre-organized plotline?

Casey Clabough: No.

Dupur Mitra: What was the best piece of advice you’ve received with respect to the art of writing? How did you implement it into your work?

Casey Clabough: I never really had a real writing mentor, though I’ve read some books about writing. I think reading a lot of books helped me, mostly in unconscious ways.

Dupur Mitra: What’s your favorite novel? Your favorite book of criticism or nonfiction?

Casey Clabough: As I noted, I’ve read so many it’s hard to single out one or even 50 I like best.

Dupur Mitra: Can you talk about your new novel?

Casey Clabough: It’s called CONFEDERADO: A NOVEL OF THE AMERICAS. It’s about an American Civil War veteran who is forced to flee to Brazil. There’s war, love, a giant menacing anaconda. It’s an entertaining read.You can learn more about it here: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/338035.Casey_Howard_Clabough

Dupur Mitra: Which type of fiction you like more and why?

Casey Clabough: I know what I like when I see it. I’m not aware of consciously closing the door on any particular types of fiction.

Dupur Mitra: What advice would you give beginning writers?

Casey Clabough: Read a lot and choose things you are passionate about as subjects. Cultivate your will. If you hear inner voices, listen to them, but don’t always do what they say.

2 Responses to “I’m not aware of consciously closing the door on any particular types of fiction: An online interview with Casey Clabough”
  1. Avery Clark says:

    Dupur Mitra, were you able to meet Dr. Clabough when he was in Dhaka in January to receive the 1st Annual Bangladesh International Literary Award?


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