I don’t believe that there is a ‘world poetry movement’ : An online interview with Frank Dullaghan

Frank Dullaghan was born in Ireland, worked in the UK for almost 30 years before moving to Dubai where he now lives. His haiku have appeared in The Iron Book, The New Haiku, Stepping Stones and other anthologies. A collection of haiku and tanka At the Opened Door was published by Hub Editions in 2001.

His first collection of poetry is ‘On the Back of the Wind’ was published by Cinnamon Press in 2008 and the second collection is ‘Enough Light to See the Dark’.

Frank Dullaghan has also appeared in several compilations along with other writers such as Seamus Heany.

Dupur Mitra: Who are your major influences as a poet?

Frank Dullaghan: My influences are many and varied. I believe to write well you must read a lot and so all of that reading will have some kind of influence. But starting off in Ireland, I was drawn to poetry by many great Irish poets – WB Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh and, of course, Seamus Heaney.

Dupur Mitra: What does being a poet mean to you?

Frank Dullaghan: I think being a poet is an acknowledgement that one writes in a particular way, one that’s different to fiction or prose, one that tries to distill a message or feeling in a concise and hightened manner, often using imagey, methapor or other literary divice. There is also, I believe, an associated obligation: one must strive to be true to the Muse and write from deep within onesself and not be superficial or scentimental.

Dupur Mitra: What is poetry?

Frank Dullaghan: Poetry is the art of creating music in words.

Dupur Mitra: What are your observations about trending of world poetry?

Frank Dullaghan: The way poetry is written is always changing. At any one time there are many forms of poetry being written. This will always be the case.

Dupur Mitra: Is poetry movement can improve the poetry? if yes how, if not why?

Frank Dullaghan: All forms of writing depend on the writers. Poetry depends on poets. Poetry will be good or bad depending on the skills and dedication of the poet. Generally, if those striving to write poetry read a lot of other poetry, strive to improve their skills and techniques and write in a way that is true to themselves, that is honest and not affected, then poetry as a whole will improve.

Dupur Mitra: What is your opinion about today’s world poetry movement?

Frank Dullaghan: There are too many movements in poetry to make a comment. I don’t believe that there is a ‘world poetry movement’.

Dupur Mitra: How would you describe the contemporary poetry?

Frank Dullaghan: Contempory poetry tends not to have formal shapes, to be more narrative driven, rooted in the particular and, for the most part, accessable. But of course, any description of contempory poetry is a generalisation because there is a great variety of poetry been written – including prose poetry, formal structures, concrete poetry, lyrical etc.

Dupur Mitra: When did you start writing?

Frank Dullaghan: I think I have always written. One day it started to get better and I started to get published. I hope I am still improving.

Dupur Mitra: Why do you write poetry?

Frank Dullaghan: Writing poetry is like any other kind of writing: it’s an obsession. I have no choice.

Dupur Mitra: What is your opinion about today’s world poetry movement?

Frank Dullaghan: I’ve already tried to answer this question above.





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