He has created a new realm of expression: Book Review By Dom Kafleigh; Diorama Of Three Diaries By Sonnet Mondal, Authorspress, New Delhi.


        A poet does not write poems just because he can, he writes them because he wants poetry to explode the myriads of his radiance in varied of forms ranging from common cultural and social subjects to the ideals of ideas and ideology, love, wisdom, experience, sufferance and philosophy. And when it comes to talking of younger poets, only a few may have much of such themes to carry in their so short and sublime verses like in ‘Diorama of Three Diaries’ by Sonnet Mondal, an internationally acclaimed young poet of India. I may not be too early to say that for a committed poet like Sonnet, India will always have a warm place for excellence, a room for pride and wider poetic stardom, a trending trail left by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore almost a century ago in the sub-continent.

        The poems included in this collection look more of an international focus, concerns the wailing humanity and fading peace, hence conjure to empathize the world with consolation of poetic essence. ‘The Pioneer of 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets of 21 Century’ poet Mondal has flooded hope, optimism, spirituality, rationality and an awakening call with compassion and great delicacy.

        Deviating from the classical form of poetry, he has created a new realm of expression of which he masters the art.

        Picking up a regional Indian imagery and portraying into the ever expanding canvass of English literature, using a literarily matured and polished diction, evoking sweet verses even from the saddest of moments, romanticizing his perceptions with chosen ambiance of poetic metaphors, weaving his thoughts into a fine verse through a use of brilliantly chosen scents of Indian symbols, spilling philosophy as fluid as a poem itself sprung from the inner depth of his conviction and intensifying his imaginative intuition in his short verses are some of his poetic tunes resonating between his lines that no other poets of his contemporaries can excel.

        His poems are more than a freely flowing stream and embrace the multitude of freedom embodying varieties of poetic insignias such as rhymes, classical poetic fragrance, alliterations and assonances, musical notes, imageries and even sometimes new undiscovered forms. The other aesthetic which is an indivisible aspect of this anthology to allure its readers is in its strength not to follow a distinct determinate form! A reader will find himself in a multi-coloured portrait epitomizing the vibrancy of each colour in its euphoric entity of coloured assemblage.

        He agonises, but paints his angst soulfully in a poem. In poems like Reforming Norms, The Wait and I Won’t Run he has penned these things among others.

        There is a sweet sense of romance rollicking down the pages. Those Soft Fingers, Make Me Flow, An Eve With A Stranger, Lost in Lust, Love and Walnut, Flying Muse, Kisses, Valentine Hides In Shadows and Two Eyes are some of them containing sweet euphoria of love, an utopia.

        His inclination to nature and spirituality are equally unsurpassable. Surreal. Unprecedented in a way, that he captures pin-points of those natural virtues with great sense of humour and honour. Of these phenomena, are his poems like Snow in Spring, Southern Summer Winds, My Mother’s Garden, Earth Without Eyes, Oh Olive, Butterflies and Mosquitoes and Seduced in the Sunderbans. Pristine as the nature, are his poems untouched and splendidly rinsed with sincerity and devotion.

        The poet barely leaves a space for his deep seated passion of seeing a much progressed society, a free and fair world as a humane sympathizer, himself being one of such initiators of peace poetry beseechs humbly and poetically for a socially justified and harmoniously prospered society. Reforming Norms, I Won’t Run, Your Life is Over, Legs and Floor, Venom of Futility, Ashes Won’t Claim Honour, Just A Last Peg For The Jobless, Suppressed, and Comprehend Not Waste, as they seemingly appear in his collection are, are simple to understand, yet equally sensitive and grave to an extent heightened to express his concerns over the loopholes of the world he belongs to, the world at large we belong to. There is much said in few lines through a public eye-an outcry. Poems like Reforming Norms, Stay Alert for Surprise, Sleep O poets, Beware, Brickfield, The Lesson of Restoring Humanity, and Shirts of Politics wake readers.

        Fathomably, in poems like Pond Of My Tears, Pollen Love, Fear, Darkness Inside, Dying Every day for Life, Swaying Bridge Of Senescence, Deformed love, Last Life and Lusty She-Fears he has even bled sombre philosophical verse in a rather unnoticed confessional genre.

        Through Cracks And Wrinkles, Springs, Childhood, Splash, Years After and Enjoy Nothingness hover around the charisma of human behaviour. I here am picking up his lines from Childhood Sounds, which depicts typical childish perception:
        Dolls clatter and the sounds
        Get recorded in the conclaves
        Of our ears…
        Like creaking of old cassettes,
        In an outdated tape recorder,
        They play, rewind and play again.

        All poems contained in this anthology are of enduring virtue, fragrance and reality of our generation and the generations many to come, and can only be justified with humble mention for its undiluted volumes of super-fluidic poetry. Recommendations to you from this reader before dragging you with no delay to let you know how he has begun this awe-inspiring compilation:
        “Three diaries they join
        Unfinished they coin
        The three diaries I wrote
        My verses in them float
        Today they lie beneath one roof
        Kissing me aloof”

        About the Reviewer:
        Dom lives in Adelaide, South Australia and can be reached at dnkafley@gmail.com

        Book is available at this link http://www.sonnetmondal.com/diorama-of-three-diaries.html


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