Poetry is personal: An online interview with Gina McKnight

Gina McKnight: From USA, Gina is a children’s literature author, freelance writer and poet. Living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains promotes the inspiration and passion for creative writing. A sponsor/facilitator of writing contests in Ohio and in India. Writing at an early age, an avid reader and lover of words, Gina continues to be encouraged by her family, neighbors, horses and friends. Biography, photos, blog, book releases, freelance and more can be found at http://www.gmcknight.com

Dupur Mitra: Do you think poetry play role in your society? If yes how and if not why?
Gina McKnight: Yes, poetry plays a important role in my society.  Poetry allows an outlet for emotional and spiritual well-being as well as literary aesthetics.  It provides an opportunity to convey emotions with complexity, sophistication and expression.  

Dupur Mitra: Who are your major influences as a poet?
Gina McKnight: I like Maya Angelou for her passion, humanism and realism; Edgar Allan Poe for his mysticism, cryptic calmness and erie configurations; Emily Dickinson for her depiction of nature and love; and I could go on all day…

Dupur Mitra: What does being a poet mean to you?
Gina McKnight: Being a poet means that I can express my emotions without further interpretation. It is a way to express deep, hidden thoughts that may or may not be realized by the reader. Sometimes poetry flows in a matter of minutes, sometimes I lose my mojo and am at a loss for words.

Dupur Mitra: What is poetry?
Gina McKnight: Poetry to me is the (sometimes) rhythmic sound of emotions, life, nature, etc. It is exposure of internal wishes, hopes and dreams. Poetry is personal.  It is musical incantations, sentimental walks and interactive landscapes…and much more…

Dupur Mitra: What are your observations about trending of world poetry?
Gina McKnight: The trend in world poetry has exceeded my expectations as a writer. We are moving in the right direction.  In school/college, we learn the correct poetry form.  Is there a correct form? Is there a wrong or right way to write? For sure, we must follow guidelines to call it ‘poetry’; however, when words begin to flow, I do not think of writing conventions and the ‘correct’ way to write, I just write.

Dupur Mitra: Is poetry movement can improve the poetry? if yes how, if not why?
Gina McKnight: Poetry can play an intricate part in improving society. Statistics prove that poetry has an impact on how we view social situations as well as society as a whole.  With each generation, new thoughts and ideas are revealed. Improvement comes with innovation, desire and the need to write.  Improvement begins when we except new creative energies, styles and conventions.






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