Poetry is a true freedom of speech platform: An online interview with Trina Lynne

Trina Lynne: Poet, Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dupur Mitra: Do you think poetry play role in your society? If yes how and if not why?
Trina Lynne: Poetry plays a role in society but not to the extent that it could. It seems that more and more people are into the spoken word and free verse styles of poetry believing that it is more expressive, veering away from the more traditional forms of poetry.

Dupur Mitra: Who are your major influences as a poet?
Trina Lynne: The Emily Dickinson’s, Maya Angelou’s, Walt Whitman’s and Langston Hughes’ of the world among many others have all influenced me one way or another.

Dupur Mitra: What does being a poet mean to you?
Trina Lynne: Being a poet means that I am a weaver of words just as someone may make a basket. Combining different elements of my life and experiences together to create a wonderful masterpiece for others to behold is explosive for me. Being a poet means that I am a voice for the one who cannot or will not come forward with their experiences.

Dupur Mitra: What is poetry?
Trina Lynne: Poetry is an array of words that generate feelings within. It brings forth conversations and in some forms can bring forth action. Poetry is a true freedom of speech platform.

Dupur Mitra: What are your observations about trending of world poetry?
Trina Lynne: There are so many innovative styles of poetry these days. People have moved away from the more traditional forms of poetry opening up to a new era of expression.

Dupur Mitra: Is poetry movement can improve the poetry? if yes how, if not why?
Trina Lynne: If more people learned and/or taught the basics of poetry and its true form as it relates to literature there would be a better understanding and appreciation for the art of poetry itself.

What is your opinion about today’s world poetry movement?
Trina Lynne: It could be stronger and more unified. Poets have a knack for creating feelings in people they didn’t know they had. With today’s world affairs it would do everyone good if poetry stood at the forefront allowing folks to say what others won’t.

Dupur Mitra: Describe the writing process in your poems.
Trina Lynne: My process is not really a stellar one. Generally speaking, my poetry comes from a feeling. This feeling can be something as complex as past memories or simple as a news headline. Once I get this feeling I build on it – how I feel, why I feel it, what will I do with this feeling, etc. The writing flows from there. Sometimes it flows steadily and I finish a poem in an hour or less. Other times the flow of thought is stagnant and it takes a day or so to finish a poem.

Dupur Mitra: Where do you get your ideas for poems?
Trina Lynne: My ideas come from my experiences as a person, whether they are personal or impersonal. They come from the shadows of my past and my hopes for the future.

Dupur Mitra: Where do you write your poems?
Trina Lynne: I write my poetry whenever the moment hits me. My Tablet goes everywhere I go, so that I can transcribe even the slightest thought. And if I do not have my trusty Tablet, I will use whatever writing utensil I can find to jot down my prose.

Dupur Mitra: Do you get inspiration from your readers?
Trina Lynne: I definitely get inspiration from my readers. Each one inspires me to write whatever comes to mind because I know the things that I write about, someone else has gone through or can relate to. That’s what really keeps me going – the fact that I know I can and will help someone.





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