My writing ideas could come from anywhere: An online interview with Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB.  Andrew started writing as a way to communicate and cleanse his feelings.  The poems written are based on all five senses of emotion.  They are stories of him and others, based loosely on conversations and observations.  These are brought to him by visions in his mind and relating to his characters as they were real people.  Once they are thought of, these people come to life as their story is told. The reader can relate as these are emotions based on everyday life.  

Andrew has a belief that all can relate and should share in these stories as they have affected him for the better.  All people can contribute to affecting someone’s life and we should celebrate everyone’s story.   Without them, we would have nothing. To contact Andrew, email …

Website: Just A Maritime Boy

Andrew Scott first  book of Poetry and Prose “Snake With A Flower” is available now at the following locations:

Dupur Mitra: When did you start writing?
Andrew Scott: I started writing when I was around 24 years old.  I was talking to a friend of mine about lyrics.  He dared or suggested, depending on how you look at it, that I write lyrics for an artist of my choosing.  That was the beginning of everything as I learned I enjoyed writing lyrics/poems.

Dupur Mitra: Why do you write poetry?
Andrew Scott: It is a combination of release and challenge.  For the emotional side of me, writing gets a lot of thoughts under control and rational after I have written them out.

For the side that likes the challenge, there are so many forms pf poetry to attempt and, as a writer, to produce something that is better than the last piece that I have written.

It is also a form of lettign others know that a person is out there feeling or thinking the same way.  You can help people that way.

Dupur Mitra:  How long does it take you to write a poem?
Andrew Scott: The writing process could take minutes or I could work on a lengthy one for a few weeks depending on time.  There really never is a structured time when I start one.

Dupur Mitra: How do you write your poems?
Andrew Scott: There really is not a huge system to when I write.  I grab a pen and note pad and just go.  I could be anywhere when I do write.

Dupur Mitra: Where do your ideas come from?
Andrew Scott: My writing ideas could come from anywhere.  The visual of a photograph, a saying that makes me think, a walk around my neighbourhood or reading the news.  Ideas and imagination are limitless and I try not to think any idea is a bad one.

Dupur Mitra: What part does music play in poetry?
Andrew Scott: I believe that it can play a huge part in it.  A lot of times I write to the beat of music or use music to relax my mind.  It can also be a place of inspiration for a person’s own writing.  I believe that it can free up a person’s mind and thinking a lot more.

Dupur Mitra: Do you get inspiration from your readers?
Andrew Scott: I am not sure if you can call it inspiration. I get a lot of motivation from the readers of my works.  A lot of it is the comments that are left or messages that are sent.  As a writer it motivates me to constantly imporive and write something better than before.  It is a motivation that helps me evolve as a writer and get new ideas.

Dupur Mitra: What was the first poem you wrote?
Andrew Scott: Promise Land
People touch you with want and need
With them just pay no heed
They smile at you with gleam
When all they want is your dream

When you hit the crossroads of life
And someone offers you a hand
Smile and say, “No thank you!”
Cause you’re going to the Promise Land

Walking along and being weary is a must
‘Cause most people you meet there is no trust
When they smile and look in your eyes
Remember the devil is looking for a soul to buy

When you hit the crossroads of life
Remember to take a stand
It is ok to teeter and totter, just do not falter
Cause you’re going to the Promise Land

When it is time, just laugh, do not cry
At least you’re strong to give it a try
You knew this from the start
There will always be conflict in your heart

When you finally hit this crossroad
Everyone will want to be in your band
Just do not forget the people you are owed
So you can take them to the Promise Land

February, 1995
© Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 1995

Dupur Mitra: What’s your favourite poem that you’ve written? Do you illustrate your own poems?
Andrew Scott: This is a hard question.  I am very privy to the first one I had ever written.  Lately, I was very happy with two epic poems I had written called “Seven Princes” and “The Symbols” as creatively they were very challenging.  Picking a favourite out of the ones I have written is very difficult.  There is another old poem called “Sally” and that springs to mind because it made a friend of mine jump.  That would be a favourite moment.

Unfortunately I do not illustrate them.  My drawings of any type would really insult true artists and illustrators everywhere.

Dupur Mitra: What else do you like doing when you’re not writing poems?
Andrew Scott: I like to be fairly busy.  I am a photographer and a radio host also.  The radio show celebrates the writing influences in the past.  I like the outdoors and bike and hike through our woods areas.  I also take part in a few volunteer event yearly such as a bike ride for the MS Society and taking part in a music festival they have here in our town.

Dupur Mitra: What makes your poems different from other people’s?
Andrew Scott: I do not believe that mine is so differnt than others as inspiration is everywhere and we all have the opportunity to create.  I do believe that what I write best out of all the topics I write about are the every day person’s story.

Dupur Mitra: What is your opinion about today’s world poetry movement?
Andrew Scott: In my opinion poetry is the expression of a person’s emotion, imagination and desires.  It gives an insight on how other parts of our wrold are and If you look through the history of writer’s, a person would find or discover how litttle life and the world has changed over the centuries.

I believe that the more people are passionate about it, the writing can only get better.  The more people take in and think, the more passionate and dedicated writings we will all see.

I know people say htere is a poetry movement that is being created in today’s world however, throughout history starting with the great William Shakespeare, there have been writers that affect us with each passing decade or century.  There have been tales given to us with death, love , politics and many subjects in between in every nationalityand points in their history.  These are the writers that we build upon.

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