My writing style is basically taking small pieces of reality & turning them into fantasy: An online interview with Kai Storm


Author Kai Storm is a new face in the Urban Literary world. She has brought us shining jewels called Alani’s Bigger Hustle & Alani’s Hustle Gets Bigger.

Kai was born in Panama in 1972 and came to New York in 1981 with her mother. She discovered her writing gift as a junior at the Boys & Girls High School when an English teacher gave her an assignment to develop a story from just one paragraph. Since then, her pen has been hot.


Dupur Mitra: What are you working on now?

Kai Storm: I’m currently promoting my 3rd novel which is an erotica kink called You Just Don’t Know. My first two novels are a urban fiction series called Alani’s Bigger Hustle & the sequel Alani’s Hustle Gets Bigger and all 3 are available on Amazon & paperback.

Dupur Mitra: What inspired you to become a writer?

Kai Storm: A serious need to express myself & to have my ‘history’ marked down on paper!

Dupur Mitra: Could you explain your own particular writing process, including schedule, rituals and methods?

Kai Storm: I don’t have one, when I get an idea I write, self expression has no schedule!

Dupur Mitra: What inspires and influences your writing the most?

Kai Storm: Everyday people lol my writing style is basically taking small pieces of reality & turning them into fantasy.

Dupur Mitra: Do you write your stories according to a pre-organized plotline?

Kai Storm: Not at all, I just write lol I let the editor do all of that lol!

Dupur Mitra: What was the best piece of advice you’ve received with respect to the art of writing?

Kai Storm: PROMOTE THYSELF SHAMELESSLY! One of the top urban writers that I am friends with on Facebook always says that this is the number one rule of being an author!

Dupur Mitra: How did you implement it into your work?

Kai Storm: I wear promotional clothing and accessories, I show up at any event ready with flyers and advertisement and I make myself available for anything so I’m always ready!

Dupur Mitra: What’s your favorite novel?

Kai Storm: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Dupur Mitra: Your favorite book of criticism or nonfiction?

Kai Storm: That’s a tough one, will have to get back to you on that!

Dupur Mitra: Can you talk about your new novel?

Kai Storm: My latest novel is called You Just Don’t Know, an erotic kink about a man living a double life and has to pay a price for that double life! It’s available via Amazon and for $12.99 USD

Dupur Mitra: Which type of fiction you like more and why?

Kai Storm: Urban fiction because it’s real & relatable to my life or my world

Dupur Mitra: What advice would you give beginning writers?

Kai Storm: RESEARCH! Before I was signed to my current publisher 21Street Urban Editing & Publishing LLC I was signed to a company who either never wanted to put out my book or steal it from me. Luckily the contract killed itself after two years but if I had done some research I would’ve never signed with them in the first place.


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