I think poetry is becoming less hegemonic: An online interview with Alexander Jorgensen

Alexander Jorgensen is a writer, visual artist, educator, and adventurer. His work most recently appears or is forthcoming in Diagram, eratio, Drunken Boat, Red Lightbulbs, Otoliths, and The Last Vispo Anthology. A selection of his visual poems were exhibited at the 2011 Text Festival in Manchester, UK. During the past few years, he has found … Continue reading

My writing ideas could come from anywhere: An online interview with Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB.  Andrew started writing as a way to communicate and cleanse his feelings.  The poems written are based on all five senses of emotion.  They are stories of him and others, based loosely on conversations and observations.  These are brought to him by visions in his mind and … Continue reading

For the most part, in the U.S. I see a real interest in linguistic play and surprising syntax: An online interview with Sheryl Luna

Sheryl Luna was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She earned her BA at Texas Tech University, an MFA from the University of Texas at El Paso, an MA in English from Texas Woman’s University, and a PhD in Contemporary Literature from the University of North Texas.   In 2004, her collection of poetry, … Continue reading

Poetry is a true freedom of speech platform: An online interview with Trina Lynne

Trina Lynne: Poet, Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dupur Mitra: Do you think poetry play role in your society? If yes how and if not why? Trina Lynne: Poetry plays a role in society but not to the extent that it could. It seems that more and more people are into the spoken word and free … Continue reading

“Poem” – for me – is often a verb: An online interview with Jamie Dedes

Jamie Dedes: Poet, Writer, Inveterate Blogger Dupur Mitra: When did you start writing? Jamie Dedes: I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t exploring the human condition and savoring the riches of life by creating poems and stories in my head. I have ever loved to spin story and to toss words like others might … Continue reading

Perspectives make the difference: An online interview with Cathie Buckner

Cathie Buckner: Beatnik Poet Dupur Mitra: When did you start writing? Cathie Buckner: I started writing in high school. I was in forensics club with Oprah Winfrey. I had written stories in 9th grade that were like soap drama but poetry is where I found my voice. Dupur Mitra: Why do you write poetry? Cathie … Continue reading

Poetry is personal: An online interview with Gina McKnight

Gina McKnight: From USA, Gina is a children’s literature author, freelance writer and poet. Living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains promotes the inspiration and passion for creative writing. A sponsor/facilitator of writing contests in Ohio and in India. Writing at an early age, an avid reader and lover of words, Gina continues to … Continue reading

One needs to read major poets to learn what is good: An online interview with Zachary Guadamour

Zachary Guadamour: Poet, Mexico Dupur Mitra: Do you think poetry play role in your society? If yes how and if not why? Zachary Guadamour: Poetry plays a very minor role in society because few people read poetry, and many of those few have little background in literature and have no way of determining whether a … Continue reading

I think any art form should be challenged: An online interview with Robert Gibbons

Robert Gibbons: Poet, New York Dupur Mitra: Who are your major influences as a poet? Robert Gibbons: My major influences would be my family, background, geography, and all the muses that speak to me. There are many, but the principal muse would be Langston Hughes. Dupur Mitra: What does being a poet mean to you? … Continue reading

He has created a new realm of expression: Book Review By Dom Kafleigh; Diorama Of Three Diaries By Sonnet Mondal, Authorspress, New Delhi.

                A poet does not write poems just because he can, he writes them because he wants poetry to explode the myriads of his radiance in varied of forms ranging from common cultural and social subjects to the ideals of ideas and ideology, love, wisdom, experience, sufferance and philosophy. And when it comes to … Continue reading

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